“The momentous decision by the British people to vote to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016 heralds an era of uncertainty – and opportunity – for businesses and investors alike.”
Brexit Advisory Services

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For those uncertain about whether to leave the UK we offer the following services:-

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    Relocation Reassurance

    Staff information and morale management around business options to inform decision making as to whether staying in the UK, or relocating to another EU location is preferable

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    Staff surveying of intentions or preferences for moving/staying should your company decide to leave the United Kingdom

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    Advice & Guidance

    For firms considering moving, advice as to how to choose which staff are key priorities and how to relocate them

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    Early Indicators

    Awareness of new market conditions and a recognition that if many move it is key to move early before property prices spike

For those companies who have already taken the decision to leave the UK:-

Brexit Advisory Services will provide advice and counsel on staff management, including redundancies, property related issues such as commercial and residential lease conclusions and assist with determining executive relocation firms for key staff movements to locations including Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin.

For those companies who have decided to stay in the UK:-

We will offer clients a fully serviced public affairs offering to lobby for legislative changes to ensure the appropriate business operating environment in the UK.