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1 Hour Expert Consultation Session

As a visitor to our website we would like to offer you a one-time special price on a 1 hour consultation session for a limited time only.

The price of this session will be heavily reduced to just £50, payable on receipt of our invoice – no credit card needed. To claim the offer please just complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

For just £50 you will be able to meet (at our offices, over the phone, or online) with one of our Brexit experts to discuss how Brexit will affect your business.


You have decided to relocate your business to an EU country.


You have not yet decided where to base your business going forward.


Your business will be remaining in the United Kingdom.

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    Relocation Reassurance

    Staff information and morale management.

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    Staff Surveying

    Staff surveying of intentions or preferences for moving/staying.

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    Advice & Guidance

    Advice as to how to choose which staff are key priorities, and how to relocate them.

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    Early Indicators

    Awareness of new market conditions, and political changes that may impact your business.

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    Informed Intelligence

    Breaking down events and developments so you can take informed decisions.

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    Risk Intelligence

    Staff surveying and intelligence about how your staff, suppliers and competitors are approaching Brexit.

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    Human Resources Briefings

    Guidance and briefings for your HR staff and team managers.

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    Relocation Options

    Examine the relocation options for you, so you can make an informed choice.

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    Relocation Options

    Cost benefit analysis of each option.

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    Surveying of Staff Risks

    Staff surveying to identify personnel at risk of leaving due to Brexit.

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    Lobbying & PA

    Full-serviced public affairs offering to lobby for change that supports you.

Whether leaving, staying or uncertain, all of the above services are available to every client.

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